Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines the approaches used by Immediate Connect to collect and process the Personal Data of site visitors.


The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain why we collect Personal Data, which data is collected, and how we use it. We will also present our users’ rights concerning their privacy and describe the actions we take to protect their Personal Data.

Terms and Definitions

Before proceeding with this Privacy Policy, please familiarise yourself with the following terms and definitions:

Immediate Connect Personal Data Collection

Immediate Connect is required to collect Personal Data as it helps us to ensure that our website functions properly and allows us to provide a high-quality service to users. Here are the primary methods we use to collect Personal Data:

Visitors who create accounts through the Immediate Connect website and use our services will voluntarily provide certain Personal Data. For example, to register an account, you will need to provide your full name, email address, country of residence, and other contact details. By completing the registration form and using our other services, you give us your legal consent to collect and process the Personal Data you provide.

If you choose to contact us through email or our Contact Form, you will need to provide Personal Data such as your name and contact information. This is required for us to respond to your request and resolve issues or answer any questions. Immediate Connect will only collect and process data that is relevant for us to operate our services and effectively communicate with users.

Other Personal Data, such as data related to the behaviour of visitors to the Immediate Connect website, may also be collected. We utilise cookies and other tools to gather valuable information concerning how visitors interact with each section of our website. This can help us to refine our services, fix technical problems, and allow the website to function as intended. This type of Personal Data is not used to identify visitors individually.

How We Legally Process Your Personal Data

Immediate Connect only collects and processes Personal Data that is required for the website to function correctly and ensures that we can analyse its performance to make improvements when necessary. The methods we use to collect and process Personal Data fall within all applicable privacy laws and do not violate the rights of our users.

We collect and process Personal Data on the following legal bases:

How We Use Your Personal Data

Here are the following ways Immediate Connect utilises Personal Data:

Cookie Usage

Immediate Connect uses cookies throughout our website to ensure that all services function as intended, identify technical issues, and learn how to enhance our user experience. To find out more about our cookie usage, please refer to our Cookie Policy.

You will encounter three primary types of cookies as you interact with Immediate Connect and its features. They are as follows:

Essential Cookies

As the most vital type of cookie, essential cookies ensure that all features on the Immediate Connect website work correctly. Without essential cookies enabled, many of our features will not function as intended and may even become unavailable.

Google Analytics Cookies

These cookies provide valuable insights into our website performance and the way users interact with our features. We use Google Analytics cookies as feedback to identify areas on our website that may need improvements so that we can further improve the user experience we provide visitors. Google Analytics cookies are not used to individually identify our users.

Third-party Cookies

Additional cookies may also be distributed on the Immediate Connect website by third parties that we have linked to. Third parties that we link to include brokerages that we are partnered with and assign our users to. To find out more, please refer to your assigned broker’s Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Personal Data Storage

Immediate Connect is not the Data Processor, and user data is not stored on our servers.

After a user has created an account on our platform, their Personal Data will be provided to the broker they have been assigned. The broker, who becomes the Data Processor, is responsible for processing all Personal Data of that user. To find out more about how your broker processes your Personal Data, please contact them or refer to their Privacy Policy.

All brokers that we are affiliated with adhere to all privacy laws, such as the GDPR, that are applicable to the country they operate in.

Personal Data Protection

Immediate Connect ensures to take careful consideration when protecting Personal Data and conducts several security methods to safeguard it. All staff members adhere to strict confidentiality rules, and Personal Data is only shared with the minimum personnel necessary. We respect your privacy and do not allow any unauthorised access to your Personal Data.

In rare circumstances, we may be legally obligated to provide information about specific users to authorities. For example, in a criminal investigation, law enforcement may request to see information related to a specific user’s activity on our website. We will carefully review any requests by authorities to ensure their legitimacy before providing any Personal Data. If such data sharing depends on your consent, we will duly inform you and ask for your permission before taking action.

Third-party Access to Personal Data

Third parties may contact Immediate Connect with a request to provide specific information relating to Personal Data collected from our users. In this case, we will determine whether the third party has a legal right to receive this information and if their request outweighs our user’s right to privacy.

As Immediate Connect is the Data Controller, we may work with multiple Data Processors with whom we may need to share your Personal Data. This will ensure that all operations run smoothly on our website. For example, your Personal Data may need to be accessed by staff members of our hosting company or IT service provider. Immediate Connect will not disclose Personal Data to third parties without the consent of users, and all third-party access to Personal Data adheres to all applicable privacy laws.

User Privacy Rights

As a user of Immediate Connect, you have a set of fundamental privacy rights as per privacy regulations such as the GDPR. They are as follows:

You have the right to withdraw your consent to Immediate Connect collecting and processing your Personal Data at any time. Additionally, if you can prove that your privacy rights outweigh our legitimate interest (as per the GDPR), you may dispute our collection and processing of your Personal Data.

Additional privacy regulations may apply depending on your country of residence. Please familiarise yourself with local laws and contact us if you wish to exercise your privacy rights.

Policy Amendments

All content on the Immediate Connect website, including this Privacy Policy, is subject to amendments at any time and without prior notice to users. All changes take effect immediately after they are published, and it is the users’ responsibility to familiarise themselves with the latest version of Immediate Connect’s policies and agreements. Your continued use of Immediate Connect constitutes your consent to this Privacy Policy.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding the collection, processing, and usage of your data or any other information provided in this Privacy Policy, then please get in touch with us. Guidance on how to do this is located on our Contact Us page.