Cookie Policy

In this section, we shall explain everything you need to know about the different types of cookie usage on the Immediate Connect website.

What Is a Cookie?

A cookie is a text file that is stored within a web browser and saves browsing information that helps to identify your device. When you visit a website such as Immediate Connect, a cookie is sent to your computer, smartphone or tablet, and whenever you revisit the same website, the cookie is used to identify you. Cookies are used to record your browsing activity and behaviour, so websites can create a personalised experience that is specifically tailored to you.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

Immediate Connect uses cookies to help us improve all aspects of our website, including its performance, accessibility, and functionality. Cookies provide us with important information that allows us to understand how visitors interact with our website and available features.

For instance, cookies can show us which sections of the Immediate Connect are most visited and with sections users spend the least amount of time on. With this information, we can target specific areas of our website and work on making improvements to provide a better overall user experience.

Cookies can also allow us to provide personalised content and features to website visitors by collecting information related to their interests and behaviour patterns. Additionally, cookies can enable us to identify and fix any technical issues as well as improve the security of the Immediate Connect website.

Different Types of Cookies

You will encounter three main types of cookies when using the Immediate Connect website. They are as follows:

Essential Cookies

As the most important type of cookies that are in use on Immediate Connect, essential cookies (sometimes referred to as permanent cookies) ensure that the website functions correctly. These cookies allow us to perform all necessary actions and provide visitors with convenient features such as auto-fill and persistent log-in. Essential cookies are vital to our website’s performance. Without them, many features will become unavailable, and visitors will have an extremely limited user experience.

Google Analytics Cookies

Immediate Connect uses Google Analytics cookies to further understand our visitors’ behaviour and preferences. These cookies give us more insight into how our website is performing and allow us to target key areas that need improvements or optimisations. With these cookies, we can continue to provide a customised and user-friendly experience for all visitors. Google Analytics cookies do not collect or store personally identifiable information such as your name and contact details.

Third-Party Cookies

You may also encounter third-party cookies when using our website. These cookies belong to third-party websites that we have affiliate partnerships with or link to through our website’s content, such as brokerages. Third-party cookies allow a seamless transition between our website and our partners’ websites. If you want to learn about these cookies, you can find out more information through the respective Cookie Policies of third-party websites we link to.

How To Adjust or Disable Cookies

Cookies are a valuable tool that helps us to improve our services and provide a positive user experience for visitors to the Immediate Connect website. However, cookie usage is not mandatory, and cookies can be disabled anytime. Please note that by disabling cookies, some features may be inaccessible or not work as intended.

If you wish to disable our cookies or adjust your cookie settings, then you can do so through your browser’s settings. Cookies can also be declined in the pop-up window that appears when accessing our website for the first time.

Policy Amendments

All content in this Cookie Policy is subject to changes at any time and without prior notice. Any amendments made to this policy become valid immediately after being published. Our users must ensure to stay updated with the latest version of this Cookie Policy, as their continued use of Immediate Connect represents their consent to all changes that have been made.